Female Leadership for Mothers

A program focused on working mothers who want to continue their professional growth. We create learning circles to work on each aspect of key leadership for this stage, for working mothers and their managers. We help them identify their strengths, growth barriers, values and strategies in all areas of their lives.

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43 % 
of women resign post maternity.
of women do not feel content after returning to work.
Inefficiency for each re-hire.

Source: McKinsey Report 2019, British Magazine MMB. / Survey of 1,000 working mothers conducted by British magazine MMB, which describes itself as the “modern working mothers magazine,”


Retain female talent by preventing women from giving up on becoming mothers.​

Effective delegating and assertive feedback.​

Increase the engagement of the entire organization.

Increase business productivity.​

For : “WorkingMoms” or their leaders

Duration 8 Workshops

                    Workshops are held with the following audiences.

                    Working Moms and Managers : 2 Workshops

                    Working Moms: 6 Workshops

Managers or Working Mom Leaders: 4 Workshops

Format : Virtual / Presential.

What do working mothers that go through our program say? >>>

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